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JKM offers comprehensive maritime services. We are active at every stage of the marine industry: from marine logistics services to boat and yacht rentals. We work closely with our key stakeholders by leveraging our innovative spirit to deliver ingenious marine logistical solutions.

Public and Commercial Logistics Services

Public and Commercial Logistics Services

JKM offers premium marine logistics services to both the public and marine companies and industries with a wide range of product and service offerings.

Marine Facilities Management

Marine Facilities Management

JKM has positioned itself as a major player in the marine and land berthing by offering over 300 berths and 100% marine utilization rates.

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Boat/ Yacht Rentals

Boat/ Yacht Rentals

JKM plans to offer boats and yachts for hire with a range of options and value added services for both leisure and work purposes.

Public Logistics Services

Given Kuwait’s strategic location and its access to the sea, Kuwait presents a wide range of opportunities in the logistics sector. A major part JKM’s marine activities are focused on the Failaka Island – an ideal location for a daytrip and weekend retreat for tourists and residents.

Ferry Schedule

Our current Ikarus ferry has a capacity of 48 passengers and 26 vehicles.

Commercial Logistics Services

We offer cargo transportation to Failaka Island. We work in close collaboration with our local network to ensure an extensive range of services and fleet offerings. The network includes:


Maritime Facilities Management

JKM’s strategic port location offers a distinct advantage for ship and boat owners. The port’s proximity to Failaka Island and other Kuwaiti islands such as Kubbar island offers a boost to all aspects of marine activities. JKM has positioned itself as a major player in marine and land berthing by offering 192 marina docks and 115 dry docks.

المياه والكهرباء


Maritime Facilities


Golf Carts

To assist disabled and to transfer passenger and their luggage


Car Parking

Over 100 parking lots with available shades on solar energy


Cleaning Boats

Cleaning done by professional crew


Water & Electric Sockets



Gas Station

Always available gas in marina


Free Parking For Maintenance


Boat/ Yacht Rentals

JKM plans to offer a luxurious experience on our well maintained luxurious yacht and super crafted boats. This along with our specialized team creates a memorable experiences for tourists and sea lovers.

Our leisure fleet compromises of taxi boat (max 20 passengers) and fishing boat available for rent.

Failaka Island

Failaka Island Overview 

Currently, key marine activity takes place on Failaka Island which is located along the northern part of Persian Gulf, around 20kms away from Kuwait City. The island covers 24 square kilometers of area and is one of the most important islands in Kuwait. The island was once a thriving community with over 2,000 residents but since the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, it has not been re-occupied by the local population.

As the island exists in a splendid isolation from the rest of the country, it provides an ideal location for a day-trip and weekend retreat for tourists and residents. While the island is under-developed, it gives a lot of opportunities to discover the beautiful terranean. Failaka has a fuel station that caters to the island’s requirements.

Failaka Island in the Future

There are 5 islands which will be developed under mega project Silk city – Failaka (cultural hub), Bubiyan  (logistical hub), Warba (eco reserve), Miskan (security zone) and Ouha (natural resort)

The initial developments phase will be focused on the Failaka Island where six self-contained resort villages – Al Zour Village, Al Sayadeen Village, Adventure Island, Marina Village, Dolphin Cove, Al Waha Eco Resort – will be built to serve as family-oriented tourist attractions

We offer integrated, innovative maritime solutions to gear Kuwait towards operational excellence in the marine sector.


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